Other disciplinary case - PI021709

University of Gloucestershire

We identified a number of procedural errors in the University of Gloucestershire’s management of a student disciplinary case.

Other disciplinary case - PI021708

University of Essex

The student was resident in University-managed accommodation and lived in a flat that accommodated 13 first year students. University staff had found ash and cigarette butts in the kitchen of the students’ flat. The flat’s residents had previously been sent warning letters following two similar incidents.

Other disciplinary case - PI021710

University of Manchester

A student complained to us after the University of Manchester upheld its decision to expel him for his behaviour towards another student.

Case involving possible criminal proceedings - PI021701

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University complained to us about the University’s decision to dismiss his appeal against his expulsion on disciplinary grounds.

Other disciplinary case - PI021711

Falmouth University

A student at the University of Falmouth complained to us after the University rejected her complaints that she had been bullied by a senior lecturer and that no account had been taken of her disability. She first raised concerns after she received disappointing marks.

Accommodation: Disciplinary issues, proof of breach of regulations - PI091608

University of Bristol

A student at the University of Bristol complained to us about a penalty for smoking and covering a smoke detector. The student was fined, issued a written reprimand and required to attend a fire safety course. Her appeal had been dismissed.

Accommodation: Engagement in disciplinary process - PI091609

St Mary’s University Twickenham

A student at St Mary’s University Twickenham complained to us about the penalty for causing damage to university accommodation, after his appeal was rejected.