Student wellbeing - CS042301

A student was studying for a degree in business with a foreign language. The student was affected by mental health difficulties and during their first year of study they had discussed and agreed with the provider what support would be helpful.

Student wellbeing - CS042302

A disabled student and their provider agreed a support plan during their second year of studies. In the final year of the course, the student sought help managing deadlines because their mental health was declining.

Student wellbeing - CS042303

A student was completing a year studying at a university in another country as part of their undergraduate degree. Towards the end of this year the student was told that the modules they had chosen could not count towards their qualification.

Student wellbeing - CS042304

A student on a healthcare-related course had a mental health condition. The student was supported by the provider and completed the academic modules and a placement successfully.

Course delivery - CS042305

A small group of students enrolled on a postgraduate taught programme. The programme had been advertised as accredited by a professional organisation and the students had chosen the course because of this.

Course delivery - CS042306

A group of students was studying a distance learning course. The students complained that the course didn’t live up to their expectations, based on the prospectus and other marketing materials.

Course delivery - CS042307

A student complained to their provider about delays in giving them their timetable, changes to the scheduling of their classes, poor communication, and other administrative errors.

Course delivery - CS042308

A student enrolled on a part-time postgraduate taught programme, intending to complete it whilst working full time. They were told before enrolling that they would need to commit to around 10 hours a week of teaching and personal study time.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042309

A former student complained to the provider about the behaviour of a member of academic staff several years earlier. The student said the staff member had coerced them into a sexual relationship, which continued after they had graduated.

Harassment and sexual misconduct - CS042310

Student A was accused by another student, Student B, of sexual assault. Student B complained to the provider that Student A had sex with them when they were too intoxicated to give consent.