Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072202

A student made a request for additional consideration because their partner was due to give birth in the week that a piece of assessed work was due.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072203

A student completed the first semester in the academic year before stepping off the course to have a baby. They discussed their return to study in advance with the student support team and planned to resume some of the year-long modules that they had begun.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072204

A student began a full-time course in September 2020, but withdrew from the course in mid-October. They were charged 25% of the year’s tuition fee.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072205

A self-funded student missed the deadline to pay both the first and the second instalment of their tuition fees. The student made a payment each time after receiving a warning that their studies could be terminated.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072206

A midwifery student was expecting a baby in June 2020, their final year of study. The student made plans to do additional clinical hours early in the year and complete their academic work earlier than usually required.

Pregnancy, parenthood and childcare - CS072207

A student in their final year of study asked for additional consideration of their personal circumstances for two pieces of coursework. The student explained that they had been feeling unwell in the early stages of a pregnancy, and that they also had a child who had been unwell. The student was given more time to complete their work.