Fitness to practise - PI071902

St George’s, University of London

A medical student was accused of dishonesty in relation to drug use and trying to cheat a compulsory drug test. The provider decided that the student’s fitness to practise was impaired and terminated their studies. The student appealed but the provider rejected the appeal.

Fitness to practise - PI071901

Cardiff University

A student who was starting a healthcare course at the provider filled out an occupational health questionnaire. The student informed the provider that they had not had any vaccinations and would not now consent to be vaccinated.

Student mental health - CS041909

After some time away from study, a student living with long term mental health conditions returned to their course. They provided medical evidence that they were fit to return.

Other disciplinary case - PI021711

Falmouth University

A student at the University of Falmouth complained to us after the University rejected her complaints that she had been bullied by a senior lecturer and that no account had been taken of her disability. She first raised concerns after she received disappointing marks.

Social Media: Fitness to Practise - PI061610

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University studying for a professional qualification in the School of Healthcare Sciences posted a private message on social media asking another student if she had "a spare" supply of a prescription medication. The student was referred to the Fitness to Practise Co-ordinator and then to the University’s Fitness to Practise procedures. Following an investigation and a hearing the student was withdrawn from the programme.

Extenuating circumstances and fitness to practise requirements - PI011601

Middlesex University

A student at Middlesex University submitted a claim for extenuating circumstances after she had been found unfit to practise. She made new information available at the appeal stage, relating to her circumstances outside university. She had chosen not to raise these issues at the original fitness to practise hearing.

Fitness to Practise: Delays in process - PI091502

University of Northampton

A student at the University of Northampton complained after the University decided she was unfit to practise following disclosure of criminal charges against her.

Fitness to Practise: Importance of clear procedures - PI091507

London South Bank University

A student at London South Bank University complained about the University’s decision not to uphold his appeal against his withdrawal from the course on fitness to practise grounds.

Fitness to Practise: Procedural irregularity - PI091508

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University complained about the University’s decision to reject her appeal against a finding that she was unfit to practise and was required to withdraw from the University.