The additional Rules for Large Group Complaints were introduced following consultation and came into effect on 19 April 2021. The additional Rules should be read together with our Guidance on the additional Rules. 

The additional Rules enable us to adapt our normal review process so that we can handle Large Group Complaints more efficiently whilst maintaining fairness. The process builds on our existing approach to group complaints. It is intended for complaints from a large group of students at a single provider where there is a high degree of commonality between the complaints and where the complaints could be considered collectively. Our approach to decision making remains the same as under our normal process: we consider what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances of the complaint.

We think it is unlikely that this kind of situation will occur very often, and we expect to continue to handle most group complaints through our usual processes. We plan to review the operation of the Large Group Complaints process after the first year to make sure that it is working fairly and effectively and fulfilling its intended purpose.

We encourage providers and student representative bodies to contact us informally and at an early stage if it appears that a large group of students may want to complain to us.  

Additional Rules that apply to Large Group Complaints
April 2021
PDF, 67Kb
Guidance Note on the additional Rules for Large Group Complaints
April 2021
PDF, 153Kb


Rheolau Ychwanegol sy’n berthnasol i Gwynion gan Grwpiau Mawr
Ebrill 2021
PDF, 170Kb
Canllawiau | Rheolau Ychwanegol ar gyfer Cwynion gan Grwpiau Mawr
Ebrill 2021
PDF, 301Kb

Guidance Note - Additional Rules for Large Group Complaints

This Guidance Note explains how we apply the additional Rules. It gives more information about how we decide whether to look at a complaint from a large group under the additional Rules, and the process we follow.

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