Accommodation: Engagement in disciplinary process - PI091609

St Mary’s University Twickenham

A student at St Mary’s University Twickenham complained to us about the penalty for causing damage to university accommodation, after his appeal was rejected.

Financial Issues: Consistency in applying regulations - PI061601

Bournemouth University

A student at Bournemouth University complained to us about the fees charged for a period of attendance on a course from which she withdrew part way through. The University charged 25% of the full year’s course fee following the student’s withdrawal after five weeks.

Financial Issues: Refund of fees - PI061602

De Montfort University

An international postgraduate student at De Montfort University had her Tier 4 visa refused by the Home Office. She appealed that decision and, in the meantime, was permitted to enrol at the University. She was automatically re-enrolled the following year, while her appeal was still pending.

Financial Issues: Access to funds - PI061604

Queen Mary University of London

A student complained to us about a decision taken by Queen Mary University of London on his application to the Financial Assistance Fund, which operates under national Access to Learning Fund (ALF) guidance. The University had upheld his appeal, and recalculated the student’s allocation from the fund, but he remained dissatisfied.

Withdrawal of transitional fee support - PI061605

Open University

A student complained to us after the Open University rejected his appeal against withdrawal of transitional fee support due to lack of academic progress. He contended that he had been misinformed about his eligibility for funding and in particular the requirement to study during each academic year.

Financial Issues: Withdrawal of discount - PI061609

University of Wolverhampton

A student at the University of Wolverhampton was eligible for a tuition fee loyalty discount for alumni who returned to the University for further study. He complained to us about the University’s decision to withdraw his discount because of late payment of his fees. He contended that the decision was unfair because he had not been made aware of the terms and conditions of the discount or of the deadline for paying fees.