Accommodation - CS012409

A student felt they were unfairly charged for uninhabitable accommodation and said that basic living essentials such a microwave, fridge and freezer weren’t provided. The student said despite reporting issues with the accommodation, the issues were never resolved.

Accommodation - CS012401

An international student signed an accommodation contract for a room in a hall of residence for 12 months, from September to September. The student arrived in the UK in August and went to their accommodation. It was not available yet.

Accommodation - CS012402

A student had a room in a hall of residence from September until January, when they withdrew from their studies for reasons unconnected with the accommodation. The provider sought payment of outstanding rent payments from the student.

Accommodation - CS012403

A student made a complaint because they were unable to access the main door of their accommodation block using their key card. The student said that when this happened the only way they could enter the accommodation block was to contact the security team for assistance. The student said they had been unable to access their accommodation throughout the year.

Accommodation - CS012404

A student asked to move accommodation sites to be nearer other students on their course. The provider agreed to this. After the move, the student complained to the provider about illegal drug taking in the kitchen of the second accommodation. The provider moved the student to a third accommodation site while the allegation was investigated.

Accommodation - CS012405

A student received a warning for violating the Student Code of Discipline because smoke in their room set off the fire alarm in their accommodation.

Accommodation - CS012406

A student had to move out of accommodation A so the provider could make fire safety improvements to the building. The student was offered £500 for any disruption caused and they were told they could be released from their tenancy agreement if they were unhappy with the alternative accommodation offered.

Accommodation - CS012407

A student was prevented from applying to accommodation owned and managed by the provider for a third successive year because of their past behaviour, disciplinary record and outstanding charges for a broken window.

Accommodation - CS012408

A student signed a tenancy agreement for some provider-owned accommodation at short notice without seeing the room. The student was unhappy with the standard of the accommodation and wanted to end their tenancy agreement.