Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102302

A PhD student’s access to some of the provider’s laboratories was suspended after incidents that may have posed a health and safety risk to the student and others.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102301

A student, Student A, was unhappy with the actions of Student B in their role as a student union officer. Student A spoke with Student B on two occasions in a week about their dissatisfaction. After these conversations Student B complained to the provider that Student A’s behaviour had been threatening.

Student wellbeing - CS042304

A student on a healthcare-related course had a mental health condition. The student was supported by the provider and completed the academic modules and a placement successfully.

Student wellbeing - CS042301

A student was studying for a degree in business with a foreign language. The student was affected by mental health difficulties and during their first year of study they had discussed and agreed with the provider what support would be helpful.

Student wellbeing - CS042302

A disabled student and their provider agreed a support plan during their second year of studies. In the final year of the course, the student sought help managing deadlines because their mental health was declining.

Student wellbeing - CS042303

A student was completing a year studying at a university in another country as part of their undergraduate degree. Towards the end of this year the student was told that the modules they had chosen could not count towards their qualification.

Academic misconduct - CS022306

A PhD student carried out a research study with patients in a healthcare setting outside the UK. The student obtained relevant ethical approval from the provider. But when their work was submitted for examination, a concern was raised about whether appropriate local approval had been obtained. The provider began a research misconduct investigation. It concluded that relevant ethical approval procedures had not been carried out, and accordingly made a finding of research misconduct.

Academic misconduct - CS022307

A final-year undergraduate student was suspected of plagiarism in an essay and asked to attend a disciplinary panel hearing.

Academic misconduct - CS022309

A student was suspected of contract cheating in their coursework submission by presenting material that they had bought online as their own work.

Academic misconduct - CS022302

A postgraduate student was suspected of plagiarism and poor academic practice in two essays submitted in the previous academic year.