Fitness to practise - PI071901

Cardiff University

A student who was starting a healthcare course at the provider filled out an occupational health questionnaire. The student informed the provider that they had not had any vaccinations and would not now consent to be vaccinated.

Settlement - CS011803

The student withdrew from his course nine weeks after enrolling and lodged a complaint.

Settlement - CS011805

Student A was studying a BA. Following a party held in the Student A’s university-owned shared flat, another resident (Student B) submitted a complaint about noise.

Other disciplinary case - PI021708

University of Essex

The student was resident in University-managed accommodation and lived in a flat that accommodated 13 first year students. University staff had found ash and cigarette butts in the kitchen of the students’ flat. The flat’s residents had previously been sent warning letters following two similar incidents.

Case involving possible criminal proceedings - PI021701

Cardiff University

A student at Cardiff University complained to us about the University’s decision to dismiss his appeal against his expulsion on disciplinary grounds.

Accommodation: Early release from contract - PI091602

University of Derby

A student complained to us about the University of Derby’s final decision not to release her from her contract and liability to pay rent for accommodation in the Halls of Residence.

Accommodation: Early release from contract - PI091603

Swansea University

A student from Swansea University complained to us about the University’s final decision not to release him from his accommodation contract.

Accommodation: Timeliness of complaints - PI091605

Kingston University

A former student at Kingston University complained to us about her liability for accommodation fees after she withdrew from her studies. The University had refused to consider her complaint as it was out of time.

Accommodation: Remedy - PI091606

University of Winchester

The University of Winchester was unable to provide local accommodation to a student at the start of his course.