Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102301

A student, Student A, was unhappy with the actions of Student B in their role as a student union officer. Student A spoke with Student B on two occasions in a week about their dissatisfaction. After these conversations Student B complained to the provider that Student A’s behaviour had been threatening.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102302

A PhD student’s access to some of the provider’s laboratories was suspended after incidents that may have posed a health and safety risk to the student and others.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102303

A student was subject to disciplinary proceedings after a complaint was made by other students about their behaviour in a WhatsApp group. Following a disciplinary investigation, the student was excluded from the programme. As a goodwill gesture, the provider offered the student a tuition fee refund.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102304

Two groups of students were disciplined after a party at their accommodation caused damage to the property. Two group decisions were made which were based on different sets of evidence.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102305

A student made an arrangement with a third party for the payment of their tuition fees. The student paid the third party an amount in an overseas currency and they expected the third party to pay the student’s fees in British pounds sterling. The student shared their login details with the third party. The provider became aware that the fee payments were made using stolen credit cards.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102306

A provider investigated a number of complaints about a student behaving inappropriately. After gathering information, it held a panel hearing which the student attended with a representative.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102307

A student was disciplined after the fire alarm in their room was disabled by their partner. The provider decided that this was a breach of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions. The student was fined £500 and their accommodation contract was terminated, with a ban on re-applying in the future. The student appealed this sanction as they considered it was too harsh. The provider rejected the appeal.