Accommodation - CS012404

A student asked to move accommodation sites to be nearer other students on their course. The provider agreed to this. After the move, the student complained to the provider about illegal drug taking in the kitchen of the second accommodation. The provider moved the student to a third accommodation site while the allegation was investigated.

Accommodation - CS012406

A student had to move out of accommodation A so the provider could make fire safety improvements to the building. The student was offered £500 for any disruption caused and they were told they could be released from their tenancy agreement if they were unhappy with the alternative accommodation offered.

Accommodation - CS012408

A student signed a tenancy agreement for some provider-owned accommodation at short notice without seeing the room. The student was unhappy with the standard of the accommodation and wanted to end their tenancy agreement.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102305

A student made an arrangement with a third party for the payment of their tuition fees. The student paid the third party an amount in an overseas currency and they expected the third party to pay the student’s fees in British pounds sterling. The student shared their login details with the third party. The provider became aware that the fee payments were made using stolen credit cards.

Disciplinary matters (non-academic) - CS102303

A student was subject to disciplinary proceedings after a complaint was made by other students about their behaviour in a WhatsApp group. Following a disciplinary investigation, the student was excluded from the programme. As a goodwill gesture, the provider offered the student a tuition fee refund.

Student wellbeing - CS042303

A student was completing a year studying at a university in another country as part of their undergraduate degree. Towards the end of this year the student was told that the modules they had chosen could not count towards their qualification.

Student wellbeing - CS042304

A student on a healthcare-related course had a mental health condition. The student was supported by the provider and completed the academic modules and a placement successfully.

Course delivery - CS042305

A small group of students enrolled on a postgraduate taught programme. The programme had been advertised as accredited by a professional organisation and the students had chosen the course because of this.

Course delivery - CS042308

A student enrolled on a part-time postgraduate taught programme, intending to complete it whilst working full time. They were told before enrolling that they would need to commit to around 10 hours a week of teaching and personal study time.

Academic misconduct - CS022301

A student was found to have committed academic misconduct in their re-sit attempt in a taught postgraduate module. The provider applied a penalty from its standard table of penalties, that the module mark would be set at zero with a reassessment attempt if that were allowed by the regulations for the course.