Coronavirus - CS072104

A cohort of students was on a Business-related taught postgraduate course, paying tuition fees of over £24,000. In March 2020 their provider suspended all face-to-face teaching and activities as a result of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Coronavirus - CS072101

A student was on a one-year Bar Professional Training Course. In March 2020 the higher education provider stopped all face-to-face teaching because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The student complained to the provider and asked for a refund of tuition fees, saying that in not delivering face-to-face teaching the provider was breaching the terms and conditions of the course. The provider refused to give the student any tuition fee refund.

Coronavirus - CS072102

A student was on a one-year taught postgraduate course that normally involved a field trip to a country in Asia. The field trip could not go ahead because of the global pandemic in 2020.

Coronavirus - CS072108

An international student was on a two-year course that started in January 2020, living in accommodation owned by their provider. In March 2020 the student returned to their home country just before the nationwide lockdown was announced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus - CS032102

A student was living in accommodation owned by their provider. Their accommodation agreement was for the full academic year, from September to mid-June.

Coronavirus - CS032105

An international student was in the final year studying Medicine at the provider. During their final year, medical students who passed their final exams were due to spend time on a series of clinical placements between then and their graduation in July.

Coronavirus - CS032109

An international student was on a one-year Masters course with a significant practical element. In March 2020 the provider moved to online learning because of the nationwide lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus - CS112005

An international student complained to their provider because their course had been moved to online teaching following the closure of campus during the coronavirus lockdown. They asked for a discount or refund of their tuition fees.

Coronavirus - CS112009

A second-year, international student was studying four modules during the year for which they had paid fees of around £13,500. They complained to the provider that it had cancelled half of the expected on-campus learning because of coronavirus lockdown and asked for a refund of tuition fees.

Coronavirus - CS112008

A student complained to their provider that their studies had been disrupted by industrial action which caused them to miss teaching and that they missed out on more teaching as a result of the move to online lessons during the coronavirus lockdown.