Coronavirus - CS032104

A student was on a one-year healthcare related Masters programme. The programme normally involved a lab-based practical research project.

Supervision arrangements - PI091513

University of York

A postgraduate student at the University of York complained to us about the way the University had responded to complaints about her supervision.

Supervision: Academic Judgment - PI091517

University of Bath

A student who had withdrawn from a programme at the University of Bath complained that his lead supervisor did not have the necessary expertise to supervise his work.

Supervision: Responsibility of students - PI091518

A student at the London School of Economics complained to us after the School dismissed her appeal against a decision not to upgrade her to PhD status.

Supervision: Importance of sharing information - PI091515

University of Lincoln

A PhD student at the University of Lincoln complained of bullying and harassment by a supervisor. The student was dissatisfied with the University’s initial investigation because the University characterised the issues raised as "miscommunication" and proposed remedies after the first investigation that left the student feeling vulnerable. His complaint was considered at two subsequent stages of the University’s Complaints Procedure but the University’s final decision was not to refer it to a formal complaint hearing.